So the Russian Federation is not registered Scientific opening on the advice of patent engineers not steel a boundary on registration and submitted the application for a method of application. Thought after it further to be engaged registration. I about it wrote to the expert that it is very important for me. (as they say to Forty on a tail it is necessary will gild handles, I do not trust — the Devil as they say vt loves on jokes)



We know that before treating people extensive studying of etiologies is carried out. Analysis of composition of blood, urine and calla and тд. After obtaining full information the doctor establishes the approximate Diagnosis. After it the list of the required remedies and the patient's food, a form of application of Dietary food or a table d'hote makes. Today not to count quantity of diseases, it consequences of activity of the person, development of science and technology. What we have means and what it is necessary to fight against - this the main issue faces us. Studying of the nature showed that water in human life plays very large role. Despite the statements of scientists that our body consists almost of 90 percent of water, but for some reason we are always forced to drink water. There is a fair question if we consist of water why the organism demands still water? Because in the nature WATER is TRANSPORT! Water not only in Oceans, the Seas and the rivers transports useful substances, but also in our body transports too all that we eat, and after that not necessary of a body transports outside. Water as we know, consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O). But as they unite and forms water, it is the most interesting process. If water heats up steam is formed and departs to the atmosphere. When cooling turns into water and returns to the earth. At strong heating water vapor begins to burn. It proves that water is already divided into gas, hydrogen and oxygen, the fact that in structure there were waters already is not present, remained on ware. It also gives us the chance of creation of a new technique of treatment of people!

The majority of medicines is repeated or suppress normal physiological/biochemical processes. In other cases they suppress pathological processes or the vital processes in endo-or the ektoparazitakh, in microorganisms.

Note 5 main effects rendered by medicines:

· overwhelming,

· stimulating,

· destroying cages (cytotoxic),

· irritating,

· replacing missing substances.

Medicinal substances render both desirable, and undesirable actions. Carry to number of the first:

· violation of cellular membranes. In particular, believed that means for the general anesthesia break membranes of neurons, changing the movement of ions Na+;

· chemical reactions. So, antatsida chemically connect in an organism to sour products;

· interaction with fermental proteins. In particular, aspirin it is irreversible suppresses a tsiklogenaza, than prevents the inflammatory answer;

· interaction with structural proteins. So. colchicine interacts with structural protein tubuliny;

· interaction with proteins carriers. Digitalis oppresses activity of a molecule carrier of the pump Na-K-ATФазы;

· interaction with ion channels.

The ligand contacts receptors of cages, than defines activity of these cages. It can be normal reaction — works as agonist, it can be the blocking activity — works as the antagonist. At last, perhaps unusual reaction — invert agonist. The ligand contacts a hormonal receptor, a neuromodulator receptor or the neurotransferring receptor.

Carry to number of undesirable actions:

· high probability of a mutation of a cage (cancerogenic action),

· damage of a cage,

· interaction with a cage (summarizing, multiplying or metabolic),

· induction of physiological damage or abnormal chronic state. At effect of medicines represents an interval between amount of medicine which gives effect, and the quantity giving more than side effect, than desirable result.

The PHARMACOLOGY is a science about interaction of chemical compounds with live organisms. Generally the pharmacology studies the medicines applied to prevention and and treatments of various pathological states.
The pharmacology is the medicobiological science which is closely connected with various areas theoretical and applied medicine. The pharmacology, on the one hand, leans on the latest developments of such sciences as physical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, etc., and with another — renders revolutionary, without exaggeration, influence on development of related medicobiological subjects: physiology, biochemistry, various fields of applied medicine. So, by means of synoptic active agents it was succeeded to open mechanisms of synoptic transfer, to study functions of various departments of central nervous system in detail, to develop theoretical prerequisites for therapy of mental diseases, etc. The value of progress of pharmacology and for applied medicine is high. Was sufficient to remember as important and there is an introduction in medical practice of anesthetics, local anesthetics, discovery of penicillin, etc. to this day.
Due to the big importance of pharmacotherapy for a practical me-
ditsina knowledge of fundamentals of pharmacology is absolutely necessary for
doctor of any specialty.

The most important problem of pharmacology is research of new medicines. Now developments, clinical tests and introduction of medicines goes to practice in a set of the directions: experimental pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy, psychopharmacology, chemotherapy of infections, tumoral diseases, radiation and ecological pharmacology, etc.
The history of pharmacology is as long as mankind history. The first medicines, received, as a rule, from plants in the empirical way. Now, the main way of creation of new medicines — the directed chemical synthesis, however along with it exists also release of individual substances from medicinal raw materials; release of medicinal substances of their waste products of mushrooms, microorganisms, biotechnological production.
Search of new connections
I. Chemical synthesis
1. The directed synthesis
— reproduction of biogenous substances (AH, ON, vitamins);
— creation of anti-metabolites (SA, antineoplastic medicines, ganglioblokator);
— modification of molecules with the known biological activity (Group Group-synthetic);
— the synthesis based on studying of biotransformation of substance in an organism (the pro-medicinal substances, means influencing biotransformation of other substances).
2. Empirical way: accidental finds, screening of various chemical compounds.
II. Release of individual medicinal substances from medicinal raw materials
1. Vegetable;
2. Animal;
3. Mineral.

In a stomach a number of medicinal substances, such as acid acetilsalicylic, derivatives of barbituric acid is partially soaked up. At the same time they, being weak acids, are in not dissociated form and are soaked up by simple diffusion.
At introduction to a rectum (per rectum) a considerable part (to
50%) medicinal substances come to a blood-groove, passing a liver. Besides, in a rectum gleam medicine on is affected by digestive tract enzymes. Absorption is carried out by simple diffusion. Medicinal substances apply Rektalno in suppositories (candles) or medicinal enemas. At the same time, depending on the nature of pathological process, substances can be appointed both for system, and for local influence.
Distinguish the following mechanisms of absorption.
1. Passive diffusion through a cell membrane. Is defined by a concentration gradient on both sides of a membrane. By passive diffusion the lipophilic unpolar substances which are well dissolved in a lipidic bislo of a membrane are soaked up. The lipofilnost is higher, the better substance gets through a membrane.
2. Filtration through a proteinaceous (hydrophilic) time of a membrane. Depends on hydrostatic and osmotic pressure. Diameter of a time in a membrane of epiteliotsit of intestines is small (0.4 nanometers) therefore through them only small molecules can get: water, some ions, row gidrofil-
nykh of substances.
3. Active transport by means of the specific transport systems of a cellular membrane. Active transport is characterized by selectivity to a certain substance, a possibility of the competition of various substrates for the transport mechanism, saturability and volatility of transfer of substances against a concentration gradient. Some hydrophilic molecules, sugar, pyrimidines are in such a way soaked up.
4. Pinotsitoz is carried out at the expense of an invagination of a cellular membrane, formation of the transport pinotsitozny bubble containing transferable substance and liquid, its transfer on cytoplasm to the opposite side of a cage (from lyuminalny to basal) and an ekzotsitoza of contents of a bubble outside. By a pinotsitoz B12 vitamin (in a complex with an internal factor of Kasl) and some proteinaceous molecules is soaked up.
The main mechanism of absorption of medicinal substances in a small intestine is passive diffusion. It is important to note that from a small intestine of substance with current of blood get into a liver where a part them is exposed to an inactivation; besides, a part of substance directly in a gleam of a gut is affected by digestive enzymes and collapses. Thus, only a part of orally entered dose of medicinal substance gets to a system blood-groove (from where medicine on all organism spreads). That part medicinal veshchest-
ва which reached a system blood-groove in relation to an initial dose
medicine, is called bioavailability. The size of bioavailability is expressed as a percentage:
amount of substance in a system blood-groove (max) x 100%
the entered amount of substance

The main effect of medicinal substances is defined by the pharmacotherapy purpose, for example, purpose of analgetics for the purpose of anesthesia, a levamizola as an immunomodulator or as protivogelmintny means, etc. Along with the basic, practically all substances have also a number of side effects. Side effect (not allergic nature) is caused by a range of pharmacological effect of concrete medicine. For example, the main effect of aspirin — febrifugal effect, collateral — decrease in coagulability of blood. Both of these effects are caused by decrease in metabolism of arakhidonovy acid.
Allocate primary and secondary side effect of medicines. Primary arises as a direct consequence of effect of this medicine on any substrate or body: for example, at use of medicine of atropine on purpose decrease in secretion of a stomach there is a dryness in a mouth, tachycardia, etc. Secondary — treats indirect adverse effects — for example, dysbacteriosis and candidiasis at antibiotic treatment. Adverse effects are very various, and include blood formation oppression, damage of a liver, kidneys, hearing, etc. At prolonged use of various medicines there are secondary diseases (steroid diabetes, immunodeficiencies, aplastic anemias, etc.).
Refer allergic reactions of varying severity to negative effects of pharmacological medicines. It is necessary to emphasize that emergence allergic reactions does not depend on a medicine dose, they can arise even when conducting skin test. The anaphylactic shock arising at use of penicillin and other medicines is most dangerous.
Idiosyncrasy — atypical, more often genetically caused, connected with a certain enzimopatiya, reaction of an individual to medicine. For example, with deficiency of glyukozo-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase use of sulfanylamides can cause hemolytic crisis in persons.
All listed reactions arise, generally at application of average therapeutic doses. At application of the maximum therapeutic doses or at overdose there are toxic effects — damage of an acoustical nerve, arrhythmia, oppression of the respiratory center, a hypoglycemia, etc. Toxic effects can be observed also at application of usual doses for patients with defeat of the main excretory systems (a liver, kidneys) or so-called "slow acetylizers".
Besides somatic toxic effects, distinguish toxic action on an embryo and a fruit — embrio-and a fetotoksichnost. Though the majority of medicines pass test on embrio-m a fetotoksichnost, however, at the person at pregnancy these medicines, naturally, were not checked therefore, it is better at pregnancy (especially — the first three months) to refrain from use of any medicines, except appointed according to vital indications.
Basic principles of treatment of sharp poisonings with medicines
I.Zaderzhka of absorption of medicinal substance in blood
— vomiting, washing of a stomach, activated carbon;
— sorbents;

— laxatives;
— a plait on an extremity.
II. Removal of toxic substance from an organism
— the forced diuresis;
— peritonealny dialysis, hemodialysis, plasma exchange;
— haemo sorption, etc.;
— blood replacement.
III. Neutralization of the soaked-up medicinal (toxic) substance
— antidotes;
— pharmacological (physiological antagonists).
IY. Pathogenetic and symptomatic treatment of sharp poisonings Control of function of vitals and indicators of a homeostasis
— breath;
— cardiovascular system;
— kidneys;
— homeostasis: acid-base state, ionic and water balance, glucose, etc.

Diet or diet — set of rules of the consumption of food by the person or other animal. The diet can be characterized by such factors as chemical structure, physical properties, culinary processing of food and also time and intervals of meal. Diets of various cultures can have essential distinctions and include or exclude concrete food. Preferences in food and the choice of a diet affect human health.

All these diets are united by sharp decrease in level of content of carbohydrates in a diet to 150 g and less (up to a complete elimination of carbohydrates). In particular — due to almost full elimination of so-called "fast" carbohydrates (sugar, bread, and flour products, grain, potatoes, fruit) and replacement their "slow", malousvoyaemy, mainly in the form of food fibers. The bezuglevodnykh of diets is application justification the fact that the main reason for development of obesity in the person — excess consumption of calories mainly because of carbohydrates.

All low-carbohydrate diets are subdivided into not ketogene and ketogene. Not ketogene diets mean moderate restriction of carbohydrates to 50-150 g a day in comparison with the recommended consumption level which is 350 g for the adult. Such diets are not followed by deep biochemical reorganization of an organism, and their effect is explained by reduction of the general caloric content of food and especially decrease in probability of sharp fluctuations of sugar in blood that generally and causes appetite.

Ketogene diets mean very sharp restriction of carbohydrates — 50 g a day and less. At such food fats become the main source of energy, and in the course of their burning ketones are formed — acetoacetate (acetoacetic acid), D-β-оксибуритат (beta oxybutyric acid) and acetone Ketones begin to play an important role in processes of decrease in body weight and power supply of an organism. 

All this shows us that all elements need transportation, even our blood consists almost of 95 percent of water. On - to it moves on our body. Because water consists of gas, when changing temperatures gas begins to move. It is a factor of our life. If the composition of water is dirty, that is is enriched with harmful elements, our organism right there will give reaction and we begin to feel not important and it is sign that we made not that. Now cleaning of an organism is necessary, the fact that it is more norm to bring out of an organism, what it is not enough to transport elements. Here again water gives a great opportunity. As we considered a question of application and creation of medicine for treatment of a disease above. Now we can for acceleration and effective treatment and hold the health normal, we can use natural properties of water. For this purpose we force evaporation and cooling of steam we will receive clear water. Now this water we as it is necessary for us we enrich by preparation for food. We know what product or vegetable and fruit what consists what of is rich or poor. This is also necessary for us. We know from what we are ill, received result of the biochemical analysis and recommendation of the doctor. Now upon purchase of products (vegetables and fruit) we learn what are rich that these products have, we begin to prepare that can be added and what cannot and be removed from ourselves far away. It plays very large role at treatment of serious illnesses of people. Will accelerate treatment seriously ill and will facilitate what is considered incurable. As diligence of doctors the purified blood is replenished with the negligent relation ourselves and cooks after a while. On - to it, I consider that such technique is necessary. Before cooking food it is necessary to receive clear water. For this purpose we can use the known Moonshine still. Now without any Distiller's beer clear water can be evaporated forcibly, cooling to receive clear melt water. After it it is possible to think how to us to cook food. The fact that we will put we there now we will receive. As water does not possess what magic actions, and just transport. If we thus clean the body, then we will feel as 95 not diluted with CAR gasoline! What would will receive clear melt water in (1) LHC we pour clear water, we fix on a cover (5) a by-pass pipe (2.1) via the refrigerating device (3) we pass through (2. 2) a hose in an assembly (4) tank. The tank (4) has to be sterile and should not have any damages and access of foreign objects there. At the same time we have to evaporate up to 90% of water, other already to turn as service water and is necessary to merge. That we it could control process in LHC (1) the indicator (6) of water level is built in. To fill in with LHC (1) water after evaporation, clarifications and removals of residue of water at the bottom of a tank (1) it is supplied with a separate cover (5). After receiving thus waters it is possible to apply it to be a young body and we can prevent presenilation. And many diseases will abandon us since water itself forcibly transports harmful substances from a body. Thus we have an opportunity of more effective application of drug treatment at such incurable diseases as Cancer, AIDS, Psoriasis and especially it well helps at treatment of a disease of Diabetes. We know that this disease is connected with increase in sugar in blood of the person. The applied technique will lead to clarification of blood at people, and it also is human health. Today we do not know what quality products supply to our market and what feed animals with and as grow up plants - what fertilizers apply, enriching with chemical elements the applied fertilizers to receive the high level of a harvest, thus enriching composition of our blood! The water consisting of gas of Hydrogen and Oxygen at temperature change changes the form, evaporates or turns into ice becomes solid substance. This property of water provides our life and life. All this proves that Water is transport. Correctly using water we solve many problems with human health, we will keep the nature and the health! The author does not know existence of such technique and on - to it he cannot compare to other technologies.  

INVENTION FORMULA the Way of the rehabilitation and treatment of patients including property of water as transport, for clarification and treatment of a physical body of the person:

1. heating water, we evaporate, cleaning and cooling it, we receive clear melt water,

We apply 2 received melt water to preparation to food,

3 selecting products for structure rich with the required elements or which are almost absent for balancing (the chemical composition of blood), and using property of water as transport, we deliver a human body necessary elements,

4 water as a part of waste remove forcibly, those elements planirovanny will save the patient, it cleaning a body will give the chance and life and improvements balances normal.

On demand the answer the last changes to the Invention Formula:

Invention formula

The way of rehabilitation and treatment of patients including property of water as transport for clarification and treatment of a physical body of the person, heating water to evaporation and passing through cooling installation it turns out, clear water on structure as melt water differing in that, quick applications of drawing up recipes medicinal means, drawing up medical a diet for balancing composition of blood of the patient, purified water is used for cooking;

products, on structure rich with the required elements or which are almost absent for balancing of the chemical composition of blood are selected;

the property of water as transport on delivery in a human body of necessary elements is used;

water as a part of waste removes forcibly those elements of which the patient planirovano has to get rid, it will give the chance of cleaning of a body and balancing for normal life and improvement.

Here I do not see what противо to a rechya, but we do not awake to guess how on hands there will be decisions we awake further to work. 

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