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Where and in which countries if they apply my work, then 30% of the income received will transfer for the development of medicines to those in need. 


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Где и каких странах если будут применят мои работу, то от полученный доход 30% буду передавать для разработку лекарственный средств и нуждающемся.
During the spread of an epidemic or pandemic of an infectious nature, along with the main treatment and measures for general disinfection, the spit is an important and significant means of preventing and reducing the threat of the spread of infection transmitted by contact and airborne droplets.

 SPIT MAKER - a vessel designed for splitting saliva, sputum.

 Sputum is a pathological detachment of glandular cells from the mucosa of the trachea and bronchi with an admixture of saliva and nasopharyngeal secretion. This pathological secret is secreted from the airways when coughing or expectorizing.
The daily rate of mucus formation that does not cause cough is 100-300 ml per day.

The formation of excess sputum and swelling occurs in infectious inflammatory diseases of the nose, its appendage sinuses, respiratory organs, digestion, allergies, irritation of the airways with irritating substances. The volume of the separated (sputum) in some cases can reach 4000 ml. Per day. Impurities of blood, foreign inclusions (dust, metal particles, microliths, etc.) may be present in the mucus.
 Sputum interferes with normal breathing, exhausts a person, so you need to get rid of it in a timely manner. Sputum accumulation in the bronchi leads to respiratory failure, sometimes posing a threat to the life of the patient.

One of the main tasks in the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases is the timely release of the lungs from sputum. In this regard, the cough reflex cannot be suppressed and should be released from excess sputum in the airways in a timely manner and by any available means.

Conditions in which excessive sputum occurs.

- smoking

Upper and lower respiratory tract infections (viral, fungal, bacterial)

- abscess (purulent focus) of lung

- lung cancer

- Tuberculosis

- chronic bronchitis

 What needs to be done to reduce the risk of infection of those around them with increased sputum release in close proximity to healthy ones:

- restrain ( not suppress) coughing, or cover your mouth with a handkerchief so that sputum particles do not fall on other people

- do not sputum on the floor because drying it infects the air, and through it and other people

- do not sputum in the headscarf, as it can get on the clothes of the patient and serve as a source of infection for other people, including during washing

- collect sputum into spitters with tight covers. To do this, it is recommended to use individual and desktop spitters. It is recommended to use 2-5 % chloramine solution.

Patients with respiratory diseases in the presence of a cough accompanied by sputum release, including those in hospital treatment, should be provided with individual spitters and preferably disposable.

Sputum of patients with viral diseases, tuberculosis, etc., infectious diseases - can be a source of infection of other people. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene and sputum sputum only in weavers.

The use of an individual weaver requires a constant consumption of strong disinfectants to treat itself 

the weaver and its contents.

The use of a single individual spit player greatly simplifies and facilitates this procedure 

The absence of the need to disinfect the reusable spit and its contents makes this procedure much safer and more economically feasible.

Khashimbek Khalikov

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