2015 state Obama - I tore up the Russian economy like a rag! It was very offensive and insulting to us. Prior to this statement, a couple of years earlier, Moscow had been sitting for 3 days until it received money and thereby closed its problems, distributing to banks and thus saved the US economy from collapse by receiving money from the Russian Federation. We were offended by his statements. For this reason, when businessmen of the EU countries flew to us and with whom the United States is friends, we refused to cooperate with Patriotic feelings and we will show very quickly. What did it turn out of? It turned out that we did not expect, Obama's statement did not have any action and how the economy was developing so much. We simply offended people who actively wanted to cooperate. Naturally, there were advisers and claiming that they were engaged in the issue of preferential lending on the State Line  , receiving materials transferred the line to their friends and, by co-authorship, filed an application for IP patents for inventions. When I went to these economist consultants-evaluators, the report asked what the result was and where  the information was passed on:

"Khashimbek Khalikov

June 14, 2015·   See it: Available to everyone

2015 YEAR sanctions, against Russia and against citizens of the Russian Federation, to break our will, then we also destroyed our House as Arabs, Ukrainians! I am already retired, this time I have already made a new three developments, tested - tested, suitability. I am personally pleased with the result, you can transfer the production or master the production yourself. The United States and Geirop decided to help us, entrepreneurs, the Vedic State became forced to unfold Face us. You can say SLAVO SANCTIONS! EMPTY UNTIL THE SANKERS REMOVE UNTIL WE OURSELVES HAVE MASTERED WHAT WE HAVE LOST!

    ***-Daaa..... To you also on to be sick the state item. Khalikov H.A.! And the letter is quite offensive!

You have new blockages again, everyone is to blame...

The errand and his number are real, and what and where you found out, I don't know.

I also stop all work in this direction, although you let me down, as I have agreed to transfer information about your inventions (patents) to our colleagues from a number of countries in order to be able to finance. Now I stop everything and do not return to this issue. Appealing to God and faith is not correct at all... May you be helped by luck on your way, prosperity and long years of life.

Дааа..... Тебе также на хворать госп. Халиков Х.А.! А письмо достаточно оскорбительное!

У Тебя опять новые заморочки, кругом все виноваты...

Поручение и его номер настоящие, а что и где Ты выяснял, я не знаю.

Я также прекращаю все работы в данном направлении, хотя Ты меня подвел, т.к. я договорился о передаче информации о твоих изобретениях (патентах) нашим коллегам из ряда стран с целью возможности финансирования. Теперь я все останавливаю и не возвращаюсь к данному вопросу. Апеллирование к Богу и вере вообще не корректно... Пусть Тебе способствует удача на Твоем пути, благоденствия и долгих лет жизни

      ***The conclusion is what should the bit be here? If our economists and officials, taking technological information from us , run to sell the line, then he has no idea of ​ ​ trying to organize production and conduct business. These people will create a problem to eliminate our undertaking. On this we should think to abandon the partnership proposed from abroad or accepted by their joy?! Now you have to re-establish relations and make concessions. This is the form in their territory of creation of production, pays taxes and participate charitable foundations, KEEP CAPITAL IN THEIR BANKS FROM THE RECEIVED PROFIT FROM JOINT COOPERATION! 

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