Why this happens, we have the Russian Federation. During the USSR, everything belonged to the People and this people was called the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR. During Perestroika, they quickly rebuilt and became private businessmen and everything that was popular was legalized. That the people would not be remembered to create the Formation Gang, that other peoples would sit at home or run anywhere. This is the owners sitting in power today. If in the pocket of the bandits of the 90s almost   the president of the country and all the KSIVO suits in their pocket were. That eats power belonged to them. Today in their pocket is a deputy, minister, academician, etc. This is a difficult situation. The country is very rich, but the greedy is richer, too, a lot. They fear that suddenly the people will also become rich, then their authority wakes up to fall. Veda COOL BILLIONAIRES, someone did not want their ranks from the club of millionaires. This is the situation. A lot is done well, this is the duty of the state and is fulfilled and there is no claim on this issue. The problem is not a big, simple date opportunity for people to earn for themselves. One hundred things do wrong with us, banks feed all people to drive debtors and how their slaves worked for them. If we simply consider the Big Trade Networks who manages and who is the owner, then it will become clear to us immediately. If the bank itself is an importer wholesale supplier, then we will not be allowed to issue anything to the country. According to the INVESTOR OR SPONSOR, in fact, the robber receives a copy of the project immediately sent the line, because they better know that the market has its owner!


It seems to me not and not when! Because the 90s were bandits and today they are officials, scientists and deputies, etc. 

Now you do not need to unsubscribe your work, a simple financial blockade and is forced not to go anywhere 

closed case and transfer for a penny, or become generally available. Today, the president's words for gray business do not play much.

When the bills come to them, they will open their eyes. But they already eat everything abroad. Guys do not do STUPID, trusting words and advertisements that the state will help you. Yes, they will adopt laws, regulations, how other people will fulfill this. They will write their CRITERIA, because what the State promises you passes into their hands. You create a company, think that I am helping the country and creating a workplace. But other people are waiting, the coca begins to have an effect or something is worth it, you will be surrounded by such a takeaway, from their love for you, you will be suffocated and have nothing to breathe and eat.

you can really work for a salary to earn no! The market has long been distributed. If you have something serous do not rush and begin to study and better go to the line for exploration and conduct reconnaissance, that your idea may live. If you need to move. Because for advertising one or two, according to statistics 2020 year, those who were engaged and opened in the direction of science were forced to 19 thousand people closed their business (according to media statistics) 

Daaa..... To you also on to be sick the state item. Khalikov H.A.! And the letter is quite offensive!

You have new blockages again, everyone is to blame...

The errand and his number are real, and what and where you found out, I don't know.

I also stop all work in this direction, although you let me down, as I have agreed to transfer information about your inventions (patents) to our colleagues from a number of countries in order to be able to finance. Now I stop everything and do not return to this issue. Appealing to God and faith is not correct at all... May you be helped by luck on your way, prosperity and long years of life.

Дааа..... Тебе также на хворать госп. Халиков Х.А.! А письмо достаточно оскорбительное!

У Тебя опять новые заморочки, кругом все виноваты...

Поручение и его номер настоящие, а что и где Ты выяснял, я не знаю.

Я также прекращаю все работы в данном направлении, хотя Ты меня подвел, т.к. я договорился о передаче информации о твоих изобретениях (патентах) нашим коллегам из ряда стран с целью возможности финансирования. Теперь я все останавливаю и не возвращаюсь к данному вопросу. Апеллирование к Богу и вере вообще не корректно... Пусть Тебе способствует удача на Твоем пути, благоденствия и долгих лет жизни.

  ***Naturally, advertising is a driving force and we are often advertised to PROMISE THAT credit from 3% or State Benefit and to you from 7.7% MED etc. When you touch you make offers to get credit you owe all your project, revenue, competitor and your consumer owe address phones  one hundred percent of the information transfer to the bank or thinking of winning the competition decide to participate in the announced advertisement. The commission will review and refuse you because they need to get FREE. Before that, you were not clean forced to dance STRIPTEASE! Now ask yourself when they have all the information in their hands and know what arrived and who the buyer is: DO THEY NEED YOU?

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