September 7th, 2021

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COVID 19: Russian inventors have patented a new material for antimicrobial surface treatment

Russian inventors have patented a new material for antimicrobial surface treatment.

Patent: 2752860

Authors: Julia Tertyshnaya, Ksenia Zhdanova, Maxim Zakharov, Natalya Bragina

Patent holder: Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M. Emanuel of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBHF RAS)

According to scientific research, from 65% to 80% of infections enter our body through biofilms - colonies of microorganisms that enclose any surfaces. Such indicators mean high risks for a person who touches hundreds of mechanisms and devices every day: from handrails in public transport to buttons of a bank terminal, from trading equipment to packages.

Russian researchers have patented a new bactericidal polymer composite material based on polylactide, which can be called a real "antimicrobial agent." The proposed material exhibits a higher level of antibacterial effectiveness in comparison with previously known materials with a lower quantitative content of the antimicrobial agent, and is also characterized by higher elasticity and degree of biodegradability - the ability to destroy pathogenic biofilms.

Российские изобретатели запатентовали новый материал для противомикробной обработки поверхностей.

Патент: 2752860

Авторы: Юлия Тертышная, Ксения Жданова, Максим Захаров, Наталья Брагина

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