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If earlier we liked to walk in the rain in the summer, in the afternoon I am simple was is shocked from prickly the RAIN. I started reflecting the reasons why now it is Bozhiye good fortune us not to love, it is simple to sting as a wasp. It seems so to me so we too release many water into the atmosphere. Those moisture lifting from the earth from heating doesn't manage to rise highly because very heavy becomes and density on a skolka hobby a wind it can't will improve and can't takes away uphill and will fill up a stock snow a layer. It reduces snow volume in mountains and glaciers a water-supply. Though it is process our clever men claiming the World Thaw and the degree on + S. Eto process rises it is possible is accepted as the statement of scientists, but eats one BUT! All of us fly planes and when height of 10 thousand meter declares - We over will equal the sea of 10 thousand meter we are also temperature of-50 degree. It was the 70th years and today same. If there was-48 C that I agreed, the Veda it not so. If you set fire to environments of a field of tone of coal, you can it is warmed to a field. There are no you of course not the fool of it to make Also assertions the scientist nonsense. Prost we don't allow consuming many water that would will return in sources. It is possible in an example Aral for Mora, people thinking about the benefit dried without thinking about consequences. I often observe, on the street the rain and this time still water the street, these are mine the reason doesn't accept.
If we take Israel in an example, in the pustena Ry is constructed. They apply drop irrigating system, even a thaw of water save and we that we do, is necessary or not is simple without thinking about consequences we spend as us blagorazumitsya. That we throw out that when cooking to food and the industry the to need it everything multiply increases loading. Thus we cool couple and we force will return back. Thus we don't allow will fill up the SNOW stock in Mountains and Ice in Glaciers. Still it we conduct fight not clearly and there is no reality!

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Думаю многие из вас сталкивались с ситуацией, когда приходилось рвать отношения из-за финансов (автор фото: Михаил Нефедов) И самое страшное тут не потерять деньги, а потерять отношения. Но есть достаточно интересный выход из этой ситуации. Ну во-первых всегда работает золотое правило, не…
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