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Хашимбек Халиков


I when we introduced observed a situation, upon effect is amazing. The problem eats but. It is selection of participants on it perspective technology very much not literacy and the management, not observance and also SABOTAGE isn't correct. Each participant wanted to hit himself a big roll. Got there after acquaintance not that eats a brain on the head. and something will give. Prost was come to be taken there. People not when not occupying introduction technology, practice that not understood. If tell carry that will carry there, bring - will bring. It is very good feeding trough for embezzlers of public funds and to swindlers. Money stole and it is possible to write off for the nature. Though it was possible will receive a good harvest and will save applied for irrigating to system water for percent of 40%, fertilizers the same. Manual skills at correctly introduction and training of workers practical for the 80th percent. Maturing of a box of a cotton of mines for a month, thus nearly 100% of maturing. It would allow will increase productivity with one hectare. mines from the 50th cent to the 80th cent. Thus fibers it was possible will receive high grades.
Saboteurs palmed off not those a film, in places polyethylene a plastic foil. Plastic when heating solar beams is reduced and collapses on small pieces. Polyethylene it is simple pieces are torn on big. Partially it was threat of that who was engaged to theft, the Veda each gram got under control to Groups of Supervision. It is the big income for authors and receipt in treasury very solid the sums.
If the beginning wasn't clear to me a situation, then became clearly, people wanted Not categories will apply it as a springboard what to come to the power. I learn that the seeder can't is pinned a film, and digs in a film, also in a bucket carry a mulch and a spoon closes, mulched more true. Children distances drove a stick on hands and a bucket and a spoon. A stick pinning openings doing a nest seeds and a spoon mulched there. Here for what from me demanded I left that would will destroy technology! 2012 when there arrived Tashkent learned defects and submitted new the application. Right there was кырик and noise not to accept the demand from me but when I a few bass, accepted but I knew as will create itself a response earlier. As expected that at them the equipment and if it eats why eats is necessary it doesn't correspond to Regulations. Logically there is a handle from feathers of birds, why is necessary a feather from became. The Veda I won't be there and back and I will be compelled to refuse from idea. After it it is possible not to be surprised with development high technology of the countries of the West, the USA and Israel?!

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