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I in fact the legalist, but deal with all problems. As to me one grandma - You not such clever, you Allah helps, on it at you everything turns out and not afraid neither that and nor whom! It is right, so I consider because everything at me suddenly appears and solved - instantly. All of us know - ALLAH is a name of the Lord. We address everyone in the language having told the names of the Lord and we ask the help. One main names of the Lord "is SCARLET - Halik" is the Creator is designated! My surname Halikov - belonging to the Lord. On it that I do that as everything from the Lord I call it - "HALIKOVA"!
Now about work - I understood and I declare it that it eats in "OPENING" science! That is eaten "by Water eats Transport, not solvent" that its applications in a bat of the Person and his role how to profit Bol effective, is necessary something to tell. We follow an example Oncology apply huge efforts that would treat if it is impossible to stop process at least. Hospitals it is sterilized, very expensive preparations and everything becomes to help the person. We already recognize the CANCER is the mutation of cages eats. The reason means, and from where the mutagen the patient's body got it we have to will define. After it removes from the patient's body. And in before not to allow hit. For this purpose will apply from medicinal means before food of the patient will change. Applying thawed snow, - the Distilled water. Doing calculation at what patient an element in norm and what more or less. Thus we will weaken actions of the Mutagen and we will gradually destroy. If the patient the beginning steppe that it is very fast will recover. Those who long is ill there will be a chance of treatments and painful hurt to disappear. We the help of water from a body remove, harmful to the person and useful we transport substance on his body. It as exactly transfusions BLOOD on works, thus we will partially resolve even this issue. As a result we will receive real a way of treatment Cancer diseases. Means is a lot of, but the method of application and a technique didn't consider that it is simple transport means, and did calculation as solvent!

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Думаю многие из вас сталкивались с ситуацией, когда приходилось рвать отношения из-за финансов (автор фото: Михаил Нефедов) И самое страшное тут не потерять деньги, а потерять отношения. Но есть достаточно интересный выход из этой ситуации. Ну во-первых всегда работает золотое правило, не…
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