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Halikov Hashimbek


Sexual contact for women very big role plays roles, not receiving the relation of an opposite sex worsens them health. From these the heaviest the form is the Cancer of the Heap and the Cancer of a neck - a uterus. The reason of it isn't present contact and doesn't receive necessary physical influence - that eats massage. That their organism normally would function they have to will receive fully so-called SEX! As everything the organism demands moisture and also for a uterus is necessary hits sperm, regularly, at absence begins is very bad to function all an organism and from it very much they will become irritable. Everything gives it very not the pleasant put, heaps doesn't receive massage and also the vagina doesn't work female. Thus there is no allocation an organism moisture, also receives obkhodimy for women sperm. Sperm not of sense the carrier change, and very necessary it is possible to tell top dressing for a female organism. It as to them power source. From receiving real satisfaction man's and female moisture mixing a mutual Orgasm and emission force for women gives huge power. Because it is all occurs on an organism of women. Here therefore after good SEX and women are ready Burn will overthrow! The child for women very important because constantly pressing itself in heaps they take great pleasure. Also there will be no leaving by the soil and the earth won't yield a harvest!

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    Вт, 09:36: RT @ legorova2611: Живые примеры эмигрировавших в западные страны - большинство вернулось "не солоно хлебавши"…

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    Вс, 12:28: Путин ответил на ПРОВОКАЦИОННЫЙ вопрос о Кадырове! https://t.co/REw2BDA2mN

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    Вс, 05:59: У нас много проблемы и причина в том за 3- или 4 месяц проходя обучения уже чуть Академики, доктора наук и https://t.co/U3xGIcq1Cq

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